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The Benefits of Oil Analysis Kits

The Benefits of Oil Analysis Kits

Many of our greatest services at TestOil, start with addressing the needs of our clients. We always listen to what our customers need and work hard to make their solutions as simple as possible. As such the TestOil Now sample kit started as a request from many of our customers.

What is TestOil Now?

TestOil Now is the industry-leading, professional oil analysis kit that allows you to receive everything you need for your oil samples, including a printed return label. Once you have taken your samples, you send them back to us, and we email you your reports the same day!

We specialize in pinpointing problems with Engines, Compressors, Gearboxes, Hydraulics, Turbines, Pumps, Motors, and any other critical rotating equipment used in Transportation, Agriculture, Construction, and Industrial Plants. We test all types of lubricating fluids, including Mineral Oils, Synthetics, Fire Resistant Fluids, and other unique chemistries.

The TestOil Now Kit Includes:

  • Samples processed by a state-of-the-art laboratory
  • Full analysis covering equipment health, lube health, and contamination
  • Results are interpreted by Data Analysis who are STLE Certified Lubrication Specialists (CLS)
  • Free Analytical Ferrography and/or Water Content testing on anomalies triggered by initial testing
  • Same-day turnaround on results
  • Access to TestOil's web-based data management system, DataSight
  • Remarkable Customer Service and Data Analyst teams are at your service

Learn More About TestOil Now

If you're interested in the TestOil Now sampling kit and want to learn more, check out our page here. You can order online or contact us with any questions!

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