Safely Restarting Equipment: How TestOil Can Help.

TestOil has the resources to help successfully restart idled machinery and maintain it in optimal condition after that. In addition to a team of oil analysis experts, TestOil offers a number of programs designed to help extend the life of the equipment and avoid unscheduled downtime.

Complementary Consultation Services

TestOil’s remarkable customer service extends to customers and non-customers alike. They have a deep bench of experienced oil analysts that can answer most questions. TestOil Business Unit Manager Carolann Kolar said, “If you are ever not sure of anything you can always call us.  We are a partner that is always there for our customers. We are happy to help non-customers also and we will do our best to help anyone out. That’s what we are here for.” 

TestOil’s KickStart Program

The post-COVID-19 reopening is an excellent time to get back on track if, prior to this, the oil was either being tested irregularly or not being tested at all.  TestOil has developed a program for exactly these situations. Called KickStart, key elements include: 

Month 1

  • Initial consultation: Meet virtually
  • Develop goals and expectations
  • Establish the criticality of the machines
  • Establishing communication between both parties
  • First onsite visit to familiarize the TestOil team with the operation 

This initial visit will serve as an audit that allows TestOil to create a full roster of the equipment, tag the equipment that is going to be sampled, and meet with the program manager and maintenance team/personnel. At that time TestOil will establish sampling frequency, make sample port recommendations, and detail other continuous improvement ideas that could be accomplished during this program.

Months 2 and 3

  • Second onsite visit to the facility
  • Establish the oil sample collection process
  • Best practices review
  • Future state recommendations
  • Follow up virtual meeting and report review

Accompanied by the customer’s team, TestOil will walk through the facility to collect the requisite oil samples. They will explain each step thoroughly so that the customer can begin to gain an understanding of the sample collection process and best practices. As TestOil illustrates best sampling practices, they will provide recommendations. A follow-up to this onsite visit will be coordinated virtually. Discussion points will include results and reports of the initial sample collection, an overview of the database, and any action items pertaining to progress made thus far in the program.

Months 4 and 5

  • Third onsite visit to the facility
  • Audit of sample collection
  • Review of best practices
  • Virtual follow-up

This visit will have plant personnel taking the lead in the sample collection process, with supervision by a TestOil representative. Discussions will continue about best sampling practices and sample port recommendations. TestOil will also bring printed reports to review with the program manager in person to further explain testing results. A virtual follow-up to this visit will again be coordinated with the program manager to discuss any action items that have arisen.

Month 6

  • Final onsite visit to the facility
  • Program handoff
  • Final audit of sample process
  • Certification from TestOil
  • Finalize the program manual

This visit will correspond with a program handoff. The TestOil representative will observe plant personnel pulling several oil samples on their own to ensure proper process and technique. The culmination of the hands-on training, training videos, and online

quizzes will be TestOil certification, which will be provided upon completion of the program.

                Once the program is completed and the first oil sample has been collected, TestOil will schedule a phone call or virtual meeting to follow up on the customer’s progress. TestOil will review the reports with the customer, review the data, answer questions, and discuss any changes the customer noticed since oil sampling and analysis began.


TrustPLUS is TestOil’s commitment to customer service excellence. It defines their culture and is unique to TestOil. They created TrustPLUS to neatly package service advantages, which include: 

  • Same Day Turnaround: TestOil consistently delivers test results the same day every time a sample is submitted for routine testing.
  • Dynamic Support: TestOil’s customer engagement group works hard to provide answers when questions are asked.
  • No Charge Ferrography: TestOil automatically performs ferrography on abnormal machine conditions at no charge.
  • Data Double Checking: TestOil's CLS analysts review all test results and if something doesn't look right they retest it.

TestOil PRO

No other oil analysis lab offers onsite testing services as complete as TestOil PRO. The program was developed for organizations with little time, few available employees and few resources for oil analysis. TestOil PRO is a turnkey 3rd party onsite sampling solution performed by TestOil’s CLS analysts. It includes:  

  • Identification of proper sample locations
  • Recommendations for sample frequency, test slates and port fittings
  • Tagging all equipment with a barcode
  • Capturing a digital image of the sample location
  • Setting up a TestOil sample collection program
  • Carefully collecting and labeling oil samples
  • Ensuring samples are transported to the laboratory for same day testing and analysis
  • Testing samples
  • Reporting results
  • Following up to ensure that action items are taken care of

TestOil PRO ensures expert sample collection; consistently high-quality representative oil samples; no need to expend employee hours on oil sampling; unlimited access to TestOil’s expert technical support; maintenance of a robust reliability program without disrupting operations; and an oil analysis program that aligns with corporate goals and creates measurable value. With TestOil PRO, the CLS certified analyst that sets up the program and collects the samples is the same person that will analyze the samples and review the report. 

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