Predictive Maintenance Technologies for Machine Health

There are a lot of different options for predictive maintenance technologies for people in the reliability and maintenance fields. But which methods and technologies are the best? Which one can give reliability engineers and maintenance technicians the best overall early warning of an impending failure with one of their pieces of equipment?

Oil Analysis is the Best Predictive Maintenance Technology

Over 80% of equipment failures are due to contamination. Oil analysis is one of the easiest ways to monitor your equipment for contaminants. Utilizing oil analysis and analyzing that data over time allows you to better understand trends within your plant, within your overall company, and even within a product line.

Improve Your Product Design

One of our original manufacturing customers has used the data from their oil analysis warranty program to refine their warranty terms and even provide input to their product design over the year.

Visualize Your Oil Analysis Data

Oil analysis data can be incorporated into your data visualization software. It can really be an invaluable input to a digital twining system to supplement historical sensor data.

Learn More About TestOil

If you are interested in improving your manufacturing facility, increasing the longevity of your equipment, and producing better products, TestOil's predictive maintenance technologies are for you! We provide a wealth of services to help you better your production and plan for the future of your business!

Learn more about our services by contacting us today and download our e-book, Illuminate to see what a laboratory can and should be doing for you!

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