Oil Analysis Fosters Safety

Oil Analysis Fosters Safety

How Can a Lubrication Program Increase Plant Safety?

In the oil analysis industry, it's normal for us to talk about the condition of important assets, but we don't see much information out there talking about how oil analysis programs promote safer work environments and have an important impact on the general public.

For instance, lots of lubricants that are used in high-temperature applications have properties for fire resistance and are designed to self-extinguish. However, if you're flashpoint test result is abnormally low, this poses a major fire hazard. So, it's important that you regularly have this checked.

We really consider oil analysis to be a moral obligation for safety.

We provide testing for things that are important for safety, including fire and electrical conductivity hazards. But oil analysis, in general, is serving more than just our immediate customer; it is also serves our customer's customer!

This is just one of the many reasons why TestOil has a vested interest in providing accurate results to ensure that the public has safe water to drink, food in the refrigerator, and the power to keep their fridge running.

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If you are searching for a lubrication program to help keep your plant, people, and customers safe, TestOil is here for you! To learn more, you can download our free eBook "Illuminate" to shine a light on the types of questions you should be asking laboratories when trying to establish and start-up your lubrication program.

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