Industrial Oil Analysis Program Champions Inspire, Rally, Encourage, and Motivate

Every great team needs a leader and an oil analysis program is no exception. This leader is usually referred to as the “Program Champion”. They provide continuous leadership, visibility, and accountability. The fact is, successful oil analysis programs have champions.

                The benefits of having a Program Champion can include an increase in component and frequency compliance, and decrease in sample result lead time and high severity fluid analysis sample results.

                Eurofins TestOil Reliability Concierge Program Manager David Gawelek says, “For long-term success, it is critically important to have a Program Champion. Many, once successful, programs become inconsistent, unfocused, or fall by the wayside altogether when the individuals managing the program change positions and/or take on new responsibilities. Having a Program Champion ensures that the oil analysis program continues to be utilized, measured, and improved.”  

Who to Choose…

The mere fact that someone has volunteered to be the Program Champion isn’t all that’s required (although it’s a good start). “There are several traits that characterize a good Program Champion,” David explains. “These include understanding the value of a condition monitoring program and the ability to demonstrate that value quantitatively; the commitment to take responsibility for ultimate success; a willingness to teach and delegate responsibility; and applying accountability for outcomes through metrics.”

                He adds, “The Program Champion should spread excitement about the program, display diligence and follow-through to make sure the program is carried out consistently and be willing to delegate responsibility and share/give credit so others can take ownership of the program.”

Basic characteristics to look for in a Program Champion include:

  • Good Communication Skills: They should be comfortable relaying communications between upper management and plant-floor operations.
  • Organized: They must be able to handle multiple projects within the program.
  • Motivational: They should be able to effectively motivate both management and skilled labor. 
  • Problem-Solving: They should possess the ability and resourcefulness to navigate obstacles, including those that are broad in scope.
  • An Understanding of Tribology and Reliability: They should be motivated to continually learn and seek out professional training. 

                In addition to customized and private options, Eurofins TestOil training classes include:

  • Level II Machinery Lubrication Technician (MLT)
  • Comprehensive Oil Analysis Training
  • Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS)

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An Array of Responsibilities

The Program Champion acts as the coordinator between the fluid analysis lab and the organization. They disseminate oil analysis information to the appropriate parties and also help coordinate the sampling program. Following are a few Program Champion responsibilities;

  • Identify Strategic Objectives: They convey the “why” to others and answer the “what’s in it for me?” question.
  • Convey the Vision: They lead the group to a common, shared goal; conveying how success is defined.
  • Implement Best Practices: They need to be familiar with best practices and know how to implement them.
  • Identify and Eliminate Obstacles: They identify and eliminate obstacles that may impede success.
  • Define Project Phases: They are able to prioritize project elements in a way that aligns with organizational goals.
  • Relay Updates: They keep the stakeholders informed.
  • Allocate Resources: They carefully plan, scope, and earmark resources.

                A schedule-based list of Program Champion responsibilities—usually in the form of a digital checklist that encourages accountability and follow up–includes:

Before program start up:

  • Establish program goals
  • Educate and train staff
  • Develop KPIs
  • Set up the account with the lab and determine sampling intervals
  • Develop an onboarding program for existing employees and future new hires
  • Inventory equipment and submit the list to the lab
  • Establish, set authorizations, and activate accounts for the lab reporting portal


  • Follow up on recommendations
  • Ensure oil samples are pulled from equipment
  • Submit samples ASAP-same day if possible
  • Designate responsibility and monitor follow up actions for flagged reports
  • Login to the lab’s portal to review dashboard results
  • Run relevant reports


  • Distribute result information to key team members
  • Conduct a stand-up meeting to interpret key findings
  • Integrate tasks, repairs
  • Support continued learning via training videos or technical bulletins
  • Run relevant reports


  • Use management reports to benchmark KPIs and inform stakeholders
  • Train new employees
  • Conduct a joint meeting with the maintenance and reliability team
  • Review inventory and place order(s)
  • Audit sample collection processes
  • Track actions and attributable return
  • Create improvement plans
  • Review oil analysis results and company performance via the lab’s portal
  • Run relevant reports


  • Identify gaps; reset and align goals as needed
  • Meet with executive management to discuss results and direction
  • Perform program audits and contamination audits
  • Submit new lube reference samples
  • Review component information and equipment list
  • Reset customized report display, delivery
  • Review and update the program’s User Guide if necessary
  • Run relevant reports


  • Assess wins over the last year and areas for improvement
  • Establish goals in terms of results and measurable ROI
  • Work with management to establish the next year’s budget

                A solid initiative with all the proper resources can be hampered without a Program Champion. On the other hand, underfunded and understaffed initiatives can be successful if there is a qualified Program Champion.

                David concludes, “When someone becomes a champion for a program or initiative, it is out of positivity and enthusiasm because they understand the value it can bring to the organization. Because this generally is not a role that is assigned, but is taken on organically, there is an assumption that the Program Champion undertakes the role with a sense of excitement.” 

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