Better Oil Analysis Reporting for Better Results

Better Oil Analysis Reporting for Better Results

Gathering and analyzing data on your equipment is essential but not always easy. It can be hard to track important metrics or sort out the data that is not important for your role. TestOil's DataSight can help any facility monitor their KPIs so they can take control of their oil analysis program management.

Introducing DataSight: A New Way to Track Your Oil Analysis

DataSight, our newly redesigned customer portal, provides access to all the information you need about our expert oil analysis for everyone in the organization. Executives can get a dashboard view of the entire organization. Engineers can see detailed test results for each sample point on a machine. And managers can track results over time or monitor schedule compliance.

Monitoring Oil KPIs

We have worked to identify exactly what metrics our customers care about and how to view those KPIs from your desktop and with our new mobile app from anywhere on or off the floor.

It is common for metrics to get lost in the floor of data- we have designed our new portal/ app to only present the reports that matter most to you!

Learn More About DataSight

If you're interested in learning more about DataSight and how to measure KPIs in your facility, you can download our eBook, Illuminate. Contact us today with any questions or to get started with TestOil!

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