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Global Logistics Solutions for Oil Analysis and Machine Health

Global Logistics Solutions for Oil Analysis and Machine Health

At TestOil, we have many customers in the United States that also have international locations, who would sometimes have to settle for oil and machine health testing and analysis in their region. This was due to long transit and turnaround times, cost of shipping, and more. However, we have created a new global logistics solution to better serve our customer's no matter where they are in the world!

Why Choose TestOil?

With our new global logistic solution, we can now offer our insightful reports with the quickest turnaround times, no matter where you are located. For example, we had a customer in Cairo, Egypt, who sent us their samples on a Thursday and we were able to receive it, run the tests, and they had their reports back on Monday. Whereas, they would typically have to wait a week or two for their reports.

This is a huge benefit to our customers who have locations around the world. Now they can have all of their analysis done in one spot, have all of their data housed in the same database, and reduce the number of companies they have to rely on and work with to save time, money, and other resources!

Learn More About TestOil

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You can also find out how quickly your sample turnaround times can be from all of your locations by downloading the Global Logistics map here.

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