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Calculating Oil Analysis ROI: It’s Surprisingly Simple!

Calculating Oil Analysis ROI: It's Surprisingly Simple! There are 4 reasons for keeping the measurement of oil analysis ROI simple: It’s less time consuming It reduces measurement errors It utilizes statistics that most companies have on hand It’s easier to convey to management.                 Albert Einstein’s advice was to “Keep things as simple as possible,…
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Oil Analysis ROI—A Few Aspects You May Not Have Considered

Why are oil analysis programs now the rule rather than the exception across most industries?  Because they are one of a handful of services that deliver obvious and demonstrable ROI. The calculation of ROI can get very complex, but even a simple equation will deliver the evidence management needs to justify and expand the program.…
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ASTM 4739 Base Number Test—What it Tells You About Oil Quality

ASTM 4739 Base Number Test - What It Tells You About Oil Quality The base number (BN) of in-service oils monitors the depletion of alkaline reserve additives and is a key indicator of oil quality. Base number is an important test to perform on engine oils due to the introduction of combustion byproducts into the…
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ASTM D974 Acid Number Test—Key to Determining Lubricant Condition

ASTM D974 Acid Number Test - Key to Determining Lubricant Condition While Acid Number (AN) and Base Number (BN) should be run together in a limited number of circumstances, including testing lubricants for natural gas engines, they generally each have their own set of applications.                 Eurofins TestOil Analyst III Field Technician Matt McMahon explains,…
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Industrial Oil Analysis Program Champions Inspire, Rally, Encourage and Motivate

Industrial Oil Analysis Program Champions Inspire, Rally, Encourage, and Motivate Every great team needs a leader and an oil analysis program is no exception. This leader is usually referred to as the “Program Champion”. They provide continuous leadership, visibility, and accountability. The fact is, successful oil analysis programs have champions.                 The benefits of having…
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Elemental Spectroscopy/ASTM D5185 Offered by Eurofins TestOil

Elemental Spectroscopy/ASTM D5185 Offered By Eurofins TestOil The presence of wear metals in oil can lead to oil degradation and may indicate the presence of an abnormal wear mode. Early detection through oil analysis can head off these issues. To that end, Eurofins TestOil offers tests for larger particles (>7 microns) and a test for…
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