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Compressor Oil Testing Offered by TestOil

Compressor Oil Analysis—Basic and Advanced Tests It would be hard to find an industry that doesn’t rely on air compressors in some capacity. For power plants, mining, construction and many others, compressors are critical and so is the compressor lubricant. In order to ensure smooth operation a compressor’s pistons, rings, screws, bearings, lobes and/or vanes…
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Oil Analysis for Bearings with Microscopy Offered by TestOil

CLEVELAND June 22, 2021 -- TestOil, the industry leader in lubricant analysis, offers no-cost microscopy and analytical ferrography for oil samples that require further investigation. Microscopy measures the metallic wear particles in an oil sample using an optical microscope. TestOil Analysts count on it to flag conditions ranging from normal wear debris that needs to be monitored to…
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Combustion and Steam Turbine Oil Analysis for Energy Industry

TestOil offers expert advanced oil analysis for turbines for companies across the spectrum of energy industries. Routine turbine oil analysis includes tests such as particle count, Karl Fischer, elemental spectroscopy, FTIR, Viscosity @40 degrees, and acid number.  Advanced testing will provide more specific information on lubricant condition with tests that include RPVOT, foam, color, rust,…
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Hydraulic Fluid Testing: Monitoring the Oil and Additives

Today’s hydraulic oils and their additives are fairly stable, but that doesn’t mean they will stay that way forever—they still need regular testing by an oil analysis lab for a number of factors, including additive depletion.                  According to TestOil Field/Data Analyst Matt McMahon, who has been in this business for two decades, there are…
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Live and Virtual Lubrication Training Classes Just Announced by TestOil

CLEVELAND May 28, 2021  -- TestOil, the industry leader in lubricant analysis, just announced a new schedule that includes nearly 20 in-person and virtual oil analysis training classes. All of these classes are open for registration now. In addition to a 2-day MLT Level II certification course, these new classes include the following single day offerings:• Data Interpretation…
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Benefits of Oil Analysis at TestOil Include Money-Saving Advice

CLEVELAND May 26, 2021 TestOil’s oil analysis experts routinely save industrial customers both time and money with evidence-based advice on when and when not to change the oil at their plants. An example is a recent situation with Test Oil TestOil PRO team member and Oil Analysis Consultant Micheal Shaw.            Shaw was touching base with a steel…
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