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Oil Sampling Companies for Food and Beverage Industry

TestOil, an experienced oil sampling company for the food and beverage industry, understands the many benefits of oil analysis for this sector in particular. Surprisingly, some food and beverage companies are not performing oil analysis at all, yet they are all dealing with the same issues that could be reduced or eliminated with regular oil…
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Oil Analysis Companies for Plastics Industry

TestOil knows that nearly all plastics manufacturers consider oil analysis an invaluable tool. Capital investment can exceed half a million dollars for an IMM (injection molding machine) and today’s highly calibrated machines are more easily damaged by wear and contamination.                  A “well-oiled” IMM will exhibit: The fastest possible cycle speedUneventful operation for long periods…
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Lubricant Compatibility Analysis Offered by TestOil

TestOil, offers lubricant compatibility testing, which can help predict if mixing two lubricants might result in operational issues including: excessive foaming, formation of precipitates or deposits, and loss of key performance characteristics such as water separability.

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Grease Analysis for Wind Turbines-Expertise Offered by TestOil

CLEVELAND March 17, 2020 – TestOil, the industry leader in lubricant analysis, offers comprehensive condition monitoring services for wind turbines.  These services include: oil and grease analysis, hydraulic fluid analysis (gear oil and hydraulic fluid), and transformer analysis for pad-mount transformers. Most of these services have a same-day turnaround.                 TestOil's wind turbine oil analysis…
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Machinery Criticality Index–Major Updates Needed TestOil Survey Says

TestOil, an industry leader in lubricant analysis, initiated a survey of industry leaders on their current satisfaction with generally accepted machinery criticality indices and rating scales. They found the following:
• 95% of respondents said a criticality index is something they either definitely or probably need.
• 53% of respondents said they are not currently using a criticality rating system.
• For those that are using a criticality rating system, 52% developed the method in house and 48% did not.

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