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Oil Analysis Audit


Oil Analysis Audit

The goal of an effective oil analysis program is to increase the reliability and availability of machinery while minimizing maintenance costs associated with oil change‐outs, labor, repairs, and downtime.  The most successful oil analysis programs are those that are thoughtfully designed after careful evaluation and development of clearly defined goals. The emphasis should be on designing quality and excellence in the beginning, not force‐fitting it in along the way.

TestOil's Oil Analysis Audit includes a thorough onsite inspection of your lubrication and oil analysis program. The length of this inspection is determined by the size of your facility.  After the physical audit takes place we will provide you with a detailed report outlining our findings and recommendations. This document will serve as a roadmap to effective program start-up, as well as continuous improvement.

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Audit Process
TestOil will conduct an extensive onsite assessment of your lubrication program and your equipment. The assessment will include:

  • Review of your current lubrication process
  • Assessment of equipment criticality
  • Identification of equipment appropriate for oil analysis
  • Identification of sample points and recommended fittings
  • Demonstration of proper sampling procedures
  • Recommended test packages and sampling frequencies
  • Detailed report of findings and recommendations for continuous improvement
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