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Oil Analysis Limitations

  Oil Analysis Limitations This webinar was geared towards identifying the common misconceptions about oil analysis tests and results. Participant learned just how much or how little information can be gleaned from routine testing, and how to identify the tests that will provide the needed results. As an example, we reviewed why a report with…
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Oil Analysis Trending vs. Alarm Limits

Oil Analysis Trending vs. Alarm Limits   Many static alarm limits are based on statistical analysis of a common grouping of machines under similar operating conditions. As long as machine is operated under similar conditions (load, speed, temperature, ambient environment) for a similar sampling and drain interval, the limits may have merit. [caption id="attachment_9345" align="alignright"…
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Correlating Oil Analysis Data

  Correlating Oil Analysis Data This webinar identified exactly why results from different tests often do correlate with each other, but also explain what can be interpreted in either scenario of a correlation or no correlation existing between two tests. As examples, viewers found out why a severe wear mode may not yield any increase…
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New Training Course: Lubrication Fundamentals & Data Interpretation [Houston, TX]

New Maintenance & Reliability Course Lubrication Fundamentals & Data Interpretation November 8 - 9, 2017 - Houston, Texas   TestOil has developed this 2-day training course to be both practical and cost effective. Attendees will learn about lubrication fundamentals, sampling procedures, contamination control, and storage and handling. Plus a whole day dedicated to reading and…
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Sources of Potassium

Sources of Potassium Potassium is an indicator of a coolant leak, often in conjunction with sodium and/or boron; these elements are present due to the additives used in many coolant formulations. The presence of these elements alongside detected glycol and water often indicate a severe or bottom-end leak, but the absence of glycol and water…
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Predictive Maintenance Technologies

  Webinar Replay: Predictive Maintenance Technologies Webinar Description: Predictive maintenance is a well established, best practice strategy used in manufacturing facilities around the world. Understanding the basics across the key pdm techniques including vibration, oil, infrared, ultrasound, and motor circuit analysis is a fundamental requirement in today's facility and maintenance management world. This presentation will…
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